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Plastic Bag Ban in Los Angeles County Unincorporated Areas
  Published on Aug 02, 2011 05:39 PM   (11 years ago)
  Published by Chloe Akmal

The plastic bag ban in the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County only began July 1, 2011, as a result of changes in County Ordinance Title 12, Environmental Protection, County Code Section 1, Chapter 12.85. Many of the grocery stores, drug stores and convenience stores no longer provide plastic carry-out bags to customers when shopping, but provide recyclable paper bags for $0.10 per bag. Households that receive CalFresh benefits must not be charged the bag usage fee. For those of us who shop in the affected areas, one significant thing we can do to avoid being charged the bag usage fee, is to bring our reusable bags to the stores every time we shop, and ask our friends and relatives to do the same.

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