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RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a method for making new web content readily available on web pages or in applications that can read the special RSS file. RSS is perfect for making news articles available on a flow basis. A group of related items are published in an RSS file referred to as a channel or feed. DPSS News is available as an RSS feed.

What can RSS do for you? Some applications can check an RSS feed periodically throughout the day and notify you when something new is found. When you add an RSS feed to your application, you are subscribing to the feed. Having several subscriptions available in a consolidated place is aggregating those news sources. Some web sites such as Yahoo! and serve as new aggregators, serving up predefined feeds of news as well as those you add to it.

RSS can also include links to photos, documents and podcast media files which can then be accessed directly, or even downloaded in the background for you.

There are many applications and services designed to make use of RSS feeds. FeedReader is a desktop application that has been tested and is authorized for use on DPSS workstations.

Since many articles are restricted to DPSS staff, they are only available while logged on to the DPSS Portal. To access the same restricted articles via RSS, you must subscribe while logged on to the DPSS Portal. The feed URL provided while logged on is unique to your account and should not be shared!

DPSS News supports multiple versions of the RSS protocol. Versions supported include RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0. The main page provides links for all supported versions. Verions 2.0 provides the most features and is the default for all feeds provided by feed icons. Feeds can be obtained in any supported RSS version by modifying the feed URL to include a version number (rsstype=RSS091, rsstype=RSS092, rsstype=RSS or rsstype=RSS2).
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